Wednesday, March 5, 2008


okay, so I'm coming out. a few people already know, but I'm coming out all the way right now because I feel the need to speak up at this point. i am pro-Hillary. i voted for her in the primary election for Maryland. there, i said it. god, that feels so much better.

yesterday morning, i turned on msnbc and was surprised and, even more surprising to me than being surprised, DELIGHTED to see that Hilary had won texas and ohio. i am really happy for her latest victory because i had given up. it seemed as though obama was going to get the remaining delegates and the nomination. in an interview before tuesday's primiaries, hillary said that she would not give up until the end. she said she would keep campaigning until June if she had to. okay, it seemed a bit silly, but the interviewer said something that caught me. it made me believe that she absolutely is doing it for the people, not for herself. he said (and i'm paraphrasing since i don't remember exactly):

"i think she is going to keep going because she truly doesn't have confidence in Obama's ability to be President."

he didn't say that she wants it "so bad" that she won't give up. it's not really about her . . .it's bigger. it's about what's best for the country. and this was before the primaries on tuesday, so I basically thought "man, we're going to be missing out on a great leader." she is ruthless, determined, passionate and confident . . .and i also agree with her views. she is who i believe in. if these things make her a bitch, so fucking what. (maybe i am, too.) she didn't give up and she WON ohio and texas. no one saw it coming. are people finally realizing they've been a bit to hard on her?
people are having "buyer's remorse" with Obama. i've talked to a few people who are going through it. they're questioning why they voted for him and what he really is going to do. we all know he has a lot of motivating, inspiring and uplifting things to say ("YES, WE CAN!"), but how does he intend on executing these lofty ideas? i am ALL for idealism, but i believe you need to have a solid plan and, sorry, experience before you can be my next president. you don't always have time to give speeches during a time of crisis.

and i don't dislike Obama or his supporters. i like that so many people have gotten behind a black man for president. it shows that, yes, in some ways we are post-racial in America (but there are still some limiations that i don't dare go into right now in this blog). that makes me happy.

and then there's the media forcing me to question my race and sex when it comes to who i support. why am i not completely behind Obama, who is black like me. why am i not pulling behind him more? is it BECAUSE he's black? do i not have faith in a black man running our country? maybe i'm more female than i am black and that's why i'm voting for Hillary?

and since i'm college educated, i'm supposed to be for Obama. kinda ironic, that LOGICALLY, you should be more inclined to vote for Hillary because LOGICALLY she would be the best choice. because, you know, us college educated folks are supposed to be smart.

the point is, i believe in Hillary. always have, always will. i tried to jump on the Obama bandwagon and months ago, when his campaign was speeding up, i watched him speak and i just didn't get it. i saw Oprah's endorsement of him and just didn't get it. i still don't get it. i would be happy to see a black president and i will be sad if Obama doesn't win, but i don't think he's our guy. not this time. not now.

and don't even get me started on McCain and who will be able to win against him. hands down, Hillary is our girl.

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Katie said...

ia! Here's to a Clinton/Obama ticket!!! I hope he would accept it... because it's not that he isn't leader material, he just isn't as qualified... and what better way to become qualified than to work under the more qualified?

Isn't that how the world works?