Monday, October 13, 2008

I have a headache . . .

I gave up coffee last week. It's actually not all that hard to avoid it, but I definitely miss the warm cup in my hand in the morning, especially now that the mornings are getting colder. I'm not giving it up forever, but I just wanted to take a break from it. I decided to go the extra mile and give up ALL caffeine. Yikes, I didn't realize how much caffeine I drank until I gave it up. I sleep better at night, that's for sure. I get really tired around 9 or 10pm though.

I was thinking of trying tea as an alternative, but I figure I can give my teeth a break from being stained if I avoid warm, dark beverages all together. So no dark teas for me. I had mint tea the other morning and that was pretty good.

I don't enjoy green tea, no matter how good it is for me. I used to be able to drink it just because it's supposed to be so healthy and good for me, but one day I realized I just didn't even like it. It's sort of the same thing that happened with plum tomatoes and croutons in salad for me. I just got used to eating it, but didn't truly WANT it. So I stopped eating them.

What else in my life do I do "just because" without thinking about it and that I don't truly need? What else could I use a break from?

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