Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost 25

here i sit
with the computer in front of me
searching for the answers
without the slightest clue how
to get where i want to be
i piss off everyone
i'm never good enough
i dwell on the negative
and that's just me

some people have it easy
but i'm not one of those
manifest as best i can
only to be sorrowfully

is this what i want?
a second ago it was
now that i don't have it
i'm convinced i never did
i'm no poet
i'm not a great writer
don't have the patience for much
but i want it all

i wanna be great
i wanna be fabulous
i want to have it together
but all i keep getting is
torn apart

i'm happy, i think
lots of reasons to be
but somehow, someway
i still feel incomplete . . .

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