Monday, February 11, 2008

The Great Political Post

(Has anyone noticed the sexual tension between Obama and Clinton?)

I have been thinking up this post for quite some time. I have been hesitant to voice my opinion on the Democratic primary candidates for various reasons, one of which was the fact that I just wasn't entirely sure who I was going to vote for. I have been avoiding the Obama campaign because he just wasn't doing it for me and a lot of his supporters are generally annoyingly overzealous. Not to mention, they all feel a the need to personally attack Clinton instead of arguing against her policies, although said views are very similar to Obama's anyway. For these reasons, I was resisting the Obama bandwagon.

Well, ladies (and gents?), I have come to understand the other side. There are several reasons why I now think that Obama would be the better choice. I am still not anti-HIlary. In fact, I think she is very competent and would be able run our country quite well.

But, we need something new and different.

If it's not working, you've got to fix it. Right now in our country, we're in a crisis, we're at a crossroads. We've got to change a great deal of things.

I am still torn, though.

I don't know if Obama can hold is own against McCain. I think there is a strong chance that McCain will win the vote, so now it's a matter of who can win against McCain. I personally think Clinton would be able to hold her own against McCain considerably better than Obama, but Clinton is so damn polarizing . . .but so is Obama for some Americans. Ugh. See what I mean?

My indecision is so frustrating. Tomorrow when I go into the voting booth, who knows who I will vote for. But one thing is for certain . . .I will be voting!

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