Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nothing to lose.

Chance Casino by Paulo Romero
Chance Casino

I don't know what keeps me trying and trying. I will never give up. Despite the fact that I've gotten my heart broken with rejection ONCE doing this same thing, I am here again.

I guess it's like love. I got my heart broken so many times by boys and yet just when I gave up completely, something wonderful came along. Or rather, someone . . .

So anyway, here I am again. What the hell am I doing? What have I got to lose besides a little time and $75? I'm trying not to get attached. I will assume it's not going to happen to avoid another heartbreak. It would be far worse if I didn't try at all, I think.

Thought I learned my lesson not to tell people about it, but I have. Stupid. But I'm like an open book. What have I got to hide?

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