Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Annabelle Blue's Faves

I'm going to save you all the trouble of searching high and low for literature, websites to distract you at work, face moisturizer and lots of other random, yet essential, stuff. Here are my fave things at the moment:

Fave Celebrity Blog: Definitely "Oh No They Didn't". What I love about this website is it's updated all the time by LiveJournal users who get their info from other websites, magazines, newspapers, and other press. In addition, they get anonymous tips and exclusives that are very delicious. Also, it's unbiased (unlike Perez) and usually fair. Half the fun is reading the user comments and getting familiar with the acronyms ("BB", "IAWTC" and "FTW" to name a few) and slang they use. It's definitely the most democratic of all the celebrity blogs. It's also less about the blogger (definitely unlike Perez) because there is no ONE blogger. I dare you to go to this site and not love it. Oprah goes all the time and recently some anonymous person purchased the url permanently and guess who everyone thinks did it? No joke.

Fave Face Moisturizer: Definitely, definitely, definitely Clean & Clear Morning Glow™ Moisturizer. Your skin will GLOW. It's not heavy and leaves your skin not only LOOKING amazing, but FEELING amazing. I've been using it for years and people are always asking me what moisturizer I use. It's available at Target or any other drug store.

Fave Book of the Moment: Remember those "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Books" from childhood? Well, what if you could read an adult one that let you CHOOSE what you do upon high school graduation until your death? Would you rather die by contracting a deadly STD from a chimp or you would you rather get hit by a bus tomorrow? This book is disturbing and will make you question every decision you'll ever make. It's that serious. The book is called "Pretty Little Mistakes" by Heather McElhatton and you should definitely pick up a copy. My friend still has mine that I loaned her and she simply can't put it down.

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