Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trés Belle Girl of the Week

This week I'm going to introduce you to my dear friend Fio. I adore this chick's passion for life, travel and humanity as a whole. She just came back from a two-month trip to South America, where she spent time in her native Peru. She visited beautiful Incan ruins, amazing beaches and, of course, her family. She's also one of the only people I know who has been on the Amazon.

Meet Fiorella . . .

Name: Fiorella Quiroz

Age: 22

Where's your favorite place to be? My bed

What do you think is beautiful? Babies and Children

Are you living your dream? If so, how? If not, what are you doing to reach it?
I'm looking for a job to reach my dream to travel more!

If money weren't an issue, how would you live your life? I would be surrounded by friends and family at all times.

Describe your favorite outfit? Comfortable jeans and a nice white fitted t-shirt.

What's your favorite word?
thank you

What makes you unique? Everything about me is unique, but people say it is my accent.

What's your drink of choice? Water

If you could give the 13-year-old you any advice whatsoever, what would it be?
Enjoy your childhood, don't let the world corrupt you so fast.

- - -

You're beautiful.♥

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