Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trés Belle Girl of the Week

In French, "trés belle" means "very beautiful" and I think this applies to Rose, who's the first feature in the section "Trés Belle".

I want to share with all of my readers just how special this girl is and in turn, inspire them to embrace their uniqueness as well. We're all different and that's why we're all beautiful.

So, let's meet Rose . . .

Name: Roseline Marshell Hooks

Age: 23 (turning 24 on November 27th, yikes!!!)

Where’s your favorite place to be? The beach.

What do you think is beautiful? Love (especially when you love yourself).

Are you living your dream? I'm working towards reaching my dream. I don't think I'll have a clear definition of what my ultimate dream is until I expierence more out of life. I don't think I'll get there until I'm in my 30's. So for right now, I'm reaching towards being successful and happiness.

If money wasn’t an issue, how would you live your life? I would live in different countries every couple of months. Angelina Jolie once said "If you don't get outside of the box you've been raised in. You'll never understand how big the world really is". I truly believe that and I hope to travel as much as I can to understand how massive this world is and how many other important things are going on (it's not just about me!). And of course, I ain't gonna lie...I would shop like crazy and by a hot house :)

Describe your favorite outfit? A little black dress is all a girl needs.

What’s your favorite word? "Hello" . . .a great way to start a conversation.

What makes you unique? What doesn't? I don't fit a stereotype and I thrive on that. I like music that isn't mainstream in my culture, and I don't care. I"m perky one minute and a bitch the next. I'm not bipolar but I just like to adjust my moods accordingly. I always try to find the good in people. I can throw a mean jump kick in my combat exercise class. I believe in working hard and not having things served to you on a silver platter (unfortunately, VH1 and MTV has ruined that idea for a lot of people in our generation). I'm obsessed with the color pink. This list goes on and on...

What's your drink of choice? Strawberry Daiquiri.

If you could give the 13-year-old you any advice whatsoever, what would it be? Hold on to the good friends no matter what and drop the friends who aren't that good to you. 10 years down the road, you'll wish you had if you keep the bad friends around. Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on school and not on who you're first kiss or boyfriend will be. Everything takes time so have some patience. Don't rush to grow up too fast. You won't really enjoy being a grown up until you graduate college anyways. Oh yea, put down the junk food and find something active to do! :)

- - -

Thanks for being you, Rose!

If you'd like to nominate someone you know who is "Trés Belle" , please e-mail Annabelle Blue with their info and why you believe they are beautiful at

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