Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ani Part 2

i don't call the attention to myself
or maybe i do
i cannot help if i get attention from the opposite sex
i have been invisible, too
so i know how you feel when it isn't on you
but the dirty looks and misplaced anger
are a little much
even for me

and i'm sorry you think
i'm a flirt and not to be trusted
especially since i ("did not") hurt your friend
you're just feeling a little jealous
and insecure
but that's okay
it's not a crime
i just wish you'd get over it

and then there's you
god, there's always a fucking you
and you know what
you're the attention i want
and tonight i go to bed alone
is this going anywhere?
fuck, i'm just not into this anymore
i felt apathy creeping in
and then when i feel ignored . . .
i care(???)

ani difranco was amazing tonight, again.
that's what i'll go to sleep thinking about. goodnight.

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