Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Fairy Tales

I believe in fairy tales. I'm that type of girl. Someone told me that I remind them of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. I barely remember that movie, yet alone Princess Jasmine, but I was sort of offended by that. Granted, I'm still young and I still have lots to learn about life and love, but I don't believe just because I believe in happy endings that I have unrealistic expectations . . .mostly because I think these endings aren't unrealistic.

And yes, I do believe in love and I think it's powerful and I'm a romantic in that sense, but I don't think my head is far too far into the clouds to be out of touch with reality.

Tonight I saw "Enchanted" and I loooooved it. Ironic, clever, funny, cute and it's a fairy tale. During this movie I realized that my happy-go-lucky nature and optimism is something I shouldn't be embarrassed about. If people (or a specific guy) doesn't like it, oh well. I'll move on. Why should I care? And I don't. This is a big revelation to me.

The sarcastic, self-deprecating and all around negative attitude that I affect sometimes isn't really me. It's a defense mechanism I feel I've developed to deal with the fact that my environment at times has worked against my true nature and jaded me a bit. Inside, I'm really a singing, dancing, curious girl who likes make-up and pretty things. I'm really a princess. I'm really into make believe. I really believe in fairy tales.

And as much as I try to say I want a small wedding that's intimate and unpretentious, I kind of do want a big fairy tale wedding. I would love to get married in Cinderella's castle. I am that type of girl. I do want my Prince Charming. And I do want my happily ever after. I'm not embarrassed about this anymore.

So I looked up Princess Jasmine and her characteristics are: spunky, free-spirited, intelligent and cunning. She also doesn't want to marry any princes that her father suggests. Um, hi.

So maybe I am like Princess Jasmine . . . I'll take that. It's a compliment.

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