Sunday, September 23, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Hi beautiful,

Things are going great with this blog. I'm starting to get more and more personal with it, which wasn't what I had set out to do originally. In fact, I wanted to have as little about myself as possible, but what's the point? This is slowly going away from what I had planned, but that's okay by me. Again, this is a fun little project for me. I'm excited to be writing fairly regularly. I seriously am worried that I keep getting stupider each day by not writing and stretching my mind as much as I used to. While this blog isn't Nobel Prize winning stuff, anything to keep my mind in shape makes me happy.

Oh, and thanks for reading this. I know it's hard to keep up with it everyday, nor do I expect you to, but it means a lot that you even take the time to read it AT ALL . . .whenever that is. I will be updating more often and more in-depth in the coming weeks once I'm finally finished with my full-time job.

Hope your weekend was great. Mine was pretty cool. I accomplished all that I wanted to accomplish. I had horrid cramps Friday and at various points this weekend. It was awful. I'm beginning to think I should see a doctor. My mood swings and severe, nauseating cramps can't be normal. I shouldn't have to suffer through this anymore.

You know what is an amazing album to listen to when you're feeling powerless, shitty, and heartbroken? "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt. Takes me back to the tender age of 12 and being in my room pretending I was Gwen Stefani on stage commanding the attention of thousands of people. It's amazing. It makes me think how strong I am without a boy and how I have so much more to offer the world. I'm not the only person to go through a severe heartbreak and to be angry as hell. This is still one of my favorite albums of all time, no matter how much my musical tastes change. I listened to it the other day at the gym when I was tired/depressed and not in the mood to work out. It rejuvenated me.

So, my part-time job at The 9:30 club is going pretty well. Odd hours, humbling, and tiring, but very fun. It's just cool to hang out with people my age (and a little older) and see live shows. It's work, but it's fun. I'm so glad I quit my lame-ass marketing job. This was like a dream and I'm doing it. I'm confident with my decisions.

That's about it for now. I'm going to go read "Atonement", which is a book my dear friend Kelly told me I'd love. (You were so right, Kel. I love it!) See you Tuesday!


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