Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trés Belle Girl of the Week

I've known Kelly since high school and she was one of the reasons I found it bearable . . .same deal with college. We have so much fun together discussing life, love and celebrities. I love her because she has a KILLER sense of humor, not to mention awesome advice. Here's Kelly . . .

Kelly with her awesome boyfriend, Paul.

Name: Kelly

Age: 23

Where's your favorite place to be? On the couch snuggling with jazz, watching Law and Order SVU, eating hersheys kisses.

What do you think is beautiful? When you are little and its Christmas morning

Are you living your dream? If so, how? If not, what are you doing to reach it? Not right now...The only part of my dream thats true are the people in my life and my boyfriend. Job = Hell no. Im trying to reach my dream by really thinking about what makes me happy, and making an effort to do something positive for my future

If money wasn't an issue, how would you live your life? I wouldnt be working thats for damn sure...well, thats not true, I just wouldnt be working for money. I think I would take the time to find out what I really want to do...of course travel...and I would do something like train to climb Mt. Everest or train 24/7 to go to the olympics for an obscure curling.

Describe your favorite outfit? Maryland hoodie and sweatpants

What's your favorite word? ENZYME

What makes you unique? I like my sense of humor

What's your drink of choice? Petron!!!!!!

What are your three favorite albums?
1) Thursday - Understanding in a car crash...the only CD I've worn out
by playing it too much
2) The Coors- Talk on Corners
3) A mix CD of the Beatles, the Police, and Deja Entendu by Brand New

If you could give the 13-year-old you any advice whatsoever, what would it be? None of the shit you're dealing with now will matter in 5 yrs, and everyone but 5-10 people you meet in high school are idiots.

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