Sunday, September 2, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Hi beautiful people!

Yes, that's my foot. No, it's not real.

So another week is done. For the most part, I feel as though I have this blog stuff down and I know the direction that I want this to go. That being said, I think I'm going to hold off on the fictional aspect of this blog. I'm not creatively writing as much I'd like to (or at all . . .), so I think I'll have to put that on the shelf for now. Don't go all suicidal on me because of this.

Again, thanks for the positive feedback from everyone. This is all just so random, but so necessary for me. I forgot how much fun writing random stuff can be. My old college roommate referred to my blog as "reassuring." I guess everyone can be reassured that I'm still as quirky and silly and completely nerdy as ever. And you all can also rest assured that I don't anticipate that changing . . .ever.

In other news, I am breaking out all on my chin. WTF is up with that? I'm twenty-effing-three years old! I love popping pimples as much as the next guy and have lamented the fact that I don't get the opportunity as often as I did during my teenage years, but I forgot how embarrassing acne can be. Like, last night I was at a party and was all self-concscious and kept drinking just so I could cover my chin with a cup while conversing with strangers. There's nothing worse that realizing someone is concentrating on your imperfections rather than what you're saying, right? But it's hard! I often look at people's pimples when I'm talking to them and not because I'm some superficial bitch(?), but just because I do. It's rude and I know it, hence why I hate when people do it to me. That's why I cover them up with cups of alcohol at parties. ☺

Also, yesterday after yoga class, I was backing out of my parking space and my car collided with this other woman's car from class. I'm hesitant to even blog about it because my insurance company has to do this investigation or whatever, so who knows if they'll somehow come across this blog and use it against me. (Paranoid much?) Either way, my brand new car's rear bumper is f*cked. Totally ruined my zen. Isn't it always like that, though? You're feeling GREAT and excited about feeling great and then something happens to put a dent (pardon the pun) to such feelings of greatness? Oh well.

Have an awesome rest of this Labor Day weekend, everyone. Soak up the last bit of summer and sun. I know I will. Margaritas tonight for sure.


PS- I almost forgot about Britney's new single! I'll post about the beautiful disaster that is Britney Spears later this week. HOLLA!

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