Monday, October 1, 2007

State of the Blog

Hey guys,

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted because I’ve been busy as hell going through the process of quitting my day job, trying to prove myself at my night job and attempting to sleep on my downtime. I suck at sleeping during the day and am admittedly a “morning person,” so I’ve been trying my hardest to become accustomed to this nocturnal rock star lifestyle, which isn’t going too well. It must be said that although I say that I’m a “morning person,” there are many stipulations on the claim . . .such as I have to wake up ON MY OWN without an alarm clock at 9am or later, have coffee, read and go to the gym. If I don’t accomplish all or at least two of these morning rituals, my morning is not complete. I’m so low maintenance.

Now on to the state of the blog . . .

As much as I love blogging about my “faves” and weird things I find on the Internet, it just isn’t working for me. I end up doing some posts half-assed just to put something up to meet the deadline. I once read that posting everyday is a secret success for bloggers, but I just don’t think it's possible for me to post something good every single day. Like many things in my life, I feel like if there isn’t any passion behind it, there’s no point. Accordingly, I think I’m going to stay true to myself and make this blog more personal, more random and, hopefully, more entertaining. Originally I didn’t think people wanted to read about my personal thoughts and feelings, so I tried to make this more of a magazine-type thing, but I now feel otherwise.

I’m definitely paying attention to the feedback everyone’s given me thus far. Oh yeah, don’t be shy . . . leave comments at the end of my blog. I DO read them and appreciate them lots. ☺

So to hell with the stupid daily post titles! Goodbye “Faves”, “WTF?” and “Trés Belle Girl of the Week”. I will still be featuring people I admire on my blog, but it’s definitely going to be less structured.

Now I’m off to reorient myself to a life without a full-time job. Oh yeah, as of today I don’t have health insurance. This is the first day of my entire life that I technically don’t have a doctor. Scary stuff . . .it’s really scary not having the security of benefits and a steady paycheck that fulltime jobs afford, but at the same time, it’s freeing. More about that later . . .



Katie said...

I'm proud... even though I MISS you like CRAZYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

jerk :)

annabelle blue said...

I know, it's kind of weird not being at work everyday. I miss YOU like crazy . . .

but I sure as hell don't miss HD like crazy. :)