Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumb + Dumber

Tyra Banks as an undercover fat woman. I missed that episode!

I feel as though I keep getting dumber and dumber each day.

When I go back and read previous entires, I realize my grammar sucks. I would like to go back and edit the entires and what not, but that seems too daunting a task. It sort of makes me want to give up. I have gotten used to poor grammar from text messaging, IMing and e-mailing. Sometimes I even forget how to capitalilize stuff . . .and doesn't it look cooler in all lower case?

And watching The Tyra Banks Show makes you dumber. She appeals to the lowest common denominator and, often, she reverts the conversation back to herself. Well, it's her show afterall, right? And although I definitely know I should finish reading at least 1 of 5 books on my bedside table right now and shut the fucking television off, I just can't stop watching.

I am a smart girl. I can analyze the hell of out of things and present my views intelligently with words on a screen, but somehow, I'm finding it hard to do so. I am not focusing. I have lots of ideas I would like to focus on for my blog, but I'm just not doing it. I think I'm going to unplug my television for a week to see if I can get my intellectual fires burning once again.

I will start tomorrow perhaps. But then again, Lance Bass is going to be on The Tyra Show talking about his homosexuality and if he's ever "had SSSSEXXXXXXXXX with a girl."

This blog used to be more organized and I feel like people liked reading it more when it was more organized. With a daily topic, I was forced to write more. Should I go back to the way it was?

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