Monday, October 8, 2007


I AM: changing, evolving, and optimistic
I WANT: clarity and happiness
I WISH: i had it all figured out
I HATE: meanness, negativity
I MISS: oblivion, blind innocence and freedom
I FEAR: depression, not living life to it's fullest
I HEAR: music and my inner voice
I WONDER: about life
I REGRET: forgetting my gift and purpose
I AM NOT: alone or weak
I DANCE: when I want
I SING: because I can
I CRY: when I'm overwhelmed
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food? knots when i tie my shoe . . .everything? i don't know.
I WRITE: like I breathe
I CONFUSE: myself and others
I NEED: love
I START: now
I FINISH: then
I LOVE: you and all
I REMEMBER: your hands on my hips
I TAG: everyone

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