Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lessons at 9:30: All Access Pass

I started working at Nightclub 9:30 (more commonly known as "The 9:30 Club") in September. I'm going to do a continuing series of posts about things I've learned about music, life, myself, people, and more from this amazing opportunity. . .

I've gotten to know a lot about bands/musicians by the way they treat their fans, the staff at the club, and even by the way they hold up their backstage pass (if at all).

Some talent (what we call the musicians) hold up their all access passes whenever they pass us before going backstage. A few flash their pass really quick without even looking at us. Some just merely walk by without even a jester to find their pass.

I find it interesting that often the backup singers/dancers/musicians in the OPENING ACT are INSULTED if you ask to see their pass. Once some guys who were trumpet players or something for The Roots said to me: "Didn't you just SEE me on stage?" Dude, there were like 50 other people on stage, too! I don't just sit there and look at the stage the whole time because my job isn't to sit there and watch the stage and remember all the people on it. Stuff like that really annoys me. It's pretentious and inconsiderate to not recognize that we're merely doing our jobs.

When the talent or tour managers or whoever actually takes the time out to talk to us and show us their backstage pass EACH TIME, it gives us the illusion that they are humble. It shows they know that we're just doing our jobs and that it's nothing personal, no matter how big they are or how small I am. Those are the people that I respect and have kind feelings toward. Even a half smile or eye contact while walking by me shows me that you're a nice person, or at least, you care if people think you're nice. You can't ask too much from people with huge egos, can you?

One of my favorite bands is Incubus. My friend worked at a show that they performed at and said Brandon Boyd (the lead singer) showed his backstage pass to her EACH TIME he walked by. That really shows his respectful nature and kindness as a person. As if I needed another reason to find him delicious . . .

I'm very interested in the humanity of rock stars. I'm interested in humanity as a whole, but I really enjoy hearing stories and observing first hand the positive habits and attitudes of rock stars. That is what is inspiring to me.

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