Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i started the year off
with a job i grew to hate
and pockets that were full
but my heart was empty

and now i'm full
absolutely, positively
i'm where i'm supposed to be
but my bank account is empty
and the bills keep piling
but i'm happy

i kissed four boys
the worst kiss
was with the one
who meant the most
the best
with someone i may
never see again (and that's okay)

i got over a unrequited love with a boy
now i find myself falling for a man
slowly and angrily, but surely

and i'm in love with a woman
named ani
her music touches my soul
i wish i'd discovered her sooner

i'm more the girl i always was
this year
and each day i'm closer
to becoming the woman
i was meant to be

next year
i want to resolute to
-become completely financially independent
-finish and publish my first novel
-find real love
-travel to at least one place outside of the US
-follow my dreams
-become a little more physically fit (and lose the obligatory 10 pounds)
-be true to myself
-get rid of some debt


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