Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nose jobs

I could probably benefit from a nose job. My nose is pretty large and while it may fit my (big) face, it's a little too prevalent sometimes. I'm aware.

But my mother always told me that she believes God's sense of humor is seen in our noses because they are just silly looking.
So I'll keep my nose, I think. And laugh.

I am pretty comfortable with my looks. There are some days when I think I'm hideous and don't want to be seen, but all in all, I feel like there's much more to life than my large nose, the zit on my chin, my bucked teeth or the stretch marks that mark a good portion of my body. Sometimes I do obsess over those things, but forgive me, I'm human.

I thank my mom who, although not always entirely confident about her own looks, always taught me there was more to life than appearances. And not to take things too seriously. There are things you should be more concerned with, like treating others kindly and being knowledgeable.

A nose is easy to fix, but a personality isn't.

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