Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No money, no problem

If money weren't an issue, what would you do?

I asked this question back when I used to feature one of my friends in a section of my blog each week. Everyone's answers were varied and ranged from being lazy and doing nothing to traveling all over the world. I myself never really pondered that question, nor did I ever fill out my own questionnaire that I composed to make my dear friends (and readers) think about their own life.

I know within my soul that money does not equal happiness. Whenever I go on spending binges, I know it makes me happy temporarily, but ultimately, it does nothing. Women, by nature, are gathers. That's why I like shopping, I guess. It's in my nature. But, after having a job where I made significantly more than my friends, I have realized that, without a doubt, MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL HAPPINESS.

This isn't to say that I want to be poor for the rest of my life. I like the finer things in life. I like not having to worry about money, but I also feel if money is a motivating factor in any of my decisions, it will most certainly make me depressed.

So today while I was doing a little Christmas window shopping for my family, I also "had" to stop at Sephora to buy some makeup. I spend so much money in that place because I love makeup. I like everything about it. Why not work there for minimum wage? I have sworn off retail jobs after attempting twice and HATING the hours. I like working with people, but I don't like the random hours you can't control.

I know I HATE working in an office. It always depresses me and I realize I can't even do it for 18-20 hours a week, so I quit this other one I had. I don't know why I did it again . . .oh, I know, because I needed money(of course!). I've never really liked one . . .I had an internship in NYC, but that doesn't count because I loved NYC and I was only there 2-3 days a week.

I love 9:30 Club. It makes me happy and that's all that matters. I hate dealing with people's reactions to where I work and what I do, but I KNOW I cannot let it affect me. Worrying about what others think of you is also something that does not equal happiness.

So what would I do if money weren't an issue? If anything were possible, I would sing and write. That's what I would do. Music and literature. That's me. That's what I want to do.

But money isn't the only thing stopping me from these things, but that's another post all together.

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