Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Season of Hedonism

All I wanna do is eat, lay in bed and watch television. I don't feel like even going shopping to spend money. I don't feel like working on my novel. I don't really feel like going to work at the Club at night either. All I wanna do is hang out in my heated house and watch movies.

And I kind of hate going to stores and driving on the roads this time of year. This time last year I was in NYC (or I think I might have been home by now . . .) and utterly DEPRESSED by the commercialism I witnessed there. Christmas did not have a fuzzy feeling because it was all about buying shit and spending money on this and making these sales and marketing and BLEH.

All I need is yummy treats, good friends, family, and warmth to make me feel like it's Christmastime.

Happy Holidays!

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