Saturday, December 15, 2007

Me as a "Judgmental Ass"

Why do people suddenly become offensive and hateful when they sit behind a computer?

I fully intended on doing a post about "The Hills" and it's fakeness, but just as I sat down to write, I decided to do one of my multiple times daily check of my favorite celebrity blog "Oh No They Didn't!". There was a post about Ashley Tisdale (from Disney's "High School Musical") getting a nose job and she gave the standard deviated septum defense to justify her decision. She then assured us that she doesn't "believe" in plastic surgery. Okay, this is a ridiculous comment made by her PR person to protect Tisdale's image. She's an inspiration to little girls and as such, she can't go around advocating plastic surgery for obvious reasons. Plastic surgery is just so anti-Hollywood, right? Except, it's so Hollywood. Fake. So empty.

So I posted a comment, not thinking much of it (nor of the grammar or syntax, but that's just how much I wasn't truly thinking about what I was typing):

"These girls who get plastic surgery and stuff are all empty inside. They don't realize that you can't pay a plastic surgeon to fill their true issues with themselves. It makes me so sad.

I pray to God my future daughters and the little girls I know right now don't look up to these people are role models. It's disgusting."

Okay, so craziness ensued. Click here to read the responses:

Wow. So I don't know what is shocking me more . . . the fact that people think that thinking plastic surgery is not a good thing is wrong or the fact that people are so fucking rude with their opinions. I was called a "judgmental ass."

Given the average superficiality of a typical reader of ONTD, I shouldn't be so surprised. I just didn't think my opinion was that offensive, but then again, I've never had plastic surgery. Why do people with a mask, this one being the Internet, turn in to evil jerks sometimes? I did a lot of lying and deceitful things when I was like 13, 14, 15 online (mainly lying about my appearance and such), but I never intentionally tried to hurt or offend anyone. I just don't get it. Is being argumentative and true nature or does the Internet, particularly gossip blogs, promote this behavior?

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