Friday, January 4, 2008


Oh, you know I had to write about it . . .


So, I never posted about Jaime Lynn and her pregnancy a few weeks ago, but OF COURSE I have an opinion.

Why wasn't she on the Pill or at least using condoms????

Hello, she is 16! Nevermind the fact that I think it's ridiculous that she was allowed to sleep over and go on vacations with her older boyfriend. Mama Spears is a little nuts for allowing this. Jamie Lynn is at fault, yes, but she's a baby. I don't think she's "ruining her life" necessarily by having a baby at 16. She doesn't know how to be a mother and she may not be ready, but she'll figure it out. It'll be hard, but she'll be okay.

BUT WHY OH WHY DID MAMA SPEARS PUT HER SHIT OUT THERE IN OK! MAGAZINE! WHAT? She could have EASILY hidden this whole mess for months. We haven't seen Jamie Lynn because she's, presumably, been holed up in Kentwood. How would we have seen her or known about the pregnancy??? They should have kept it under wraps.


My heart goes out to this girl. She is obviously in so much hurt and turmoil that she doesn't want to LIVE anymore. Can you imagine how this feels? I can. I have had numerous breakdowns (Um, HELLO! I did blackout while talking to a boy who was rejecting me a few days ago!) and I can only imagine how magnified it is with the WHOLE WORLD watching you! At least I have my family and friends to support me. It seems as though Britney has pushed everyone away. The only people around her are the ones she pays. I feel for the girl.

Life is hard. Britney's life is not normal by any means. I can only imagine how it must feel to be here. As you know from my previous posts about Britney, it's really weird that she was THE POP PRINCESS when I was in high school and defining who I was as a woman and person. She was everything us girls wanted to be and now . . .

I end this post with her video "Lucky". Self-fulfilling prophecy? I think so . . .

Watch and listen with awareness. I pray to God BritBrit doesn't commit suicide.

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