Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Things I don't get in Celebrity Blogland:

-What is the big appeal of Zac Efron? He's not very attractive and he seems very gay. I don't even think I would have liked him when I was younger.

-Who are the Jonas Brothers?

-Why do 25-year-old men like Miley Cyrus?

-Pete Doherty. Why do we care? Who is he? I always skip posts about him, but does anyone read them?

-The Gummi Bear???? Who is that?

-"Girls Aloud" . . .some British girl band? What is the point?

-"The Spice Girls" . . .see above. Except I know that the point is they're going on some reunion tour. I liked them in middle school, but do they even merit a reunion tour? I feel like they were popular for, like, 3 months. It's been TEN YEARS. Do we care anymore?

-Why do we keep getting daily paparazzi shots of Britney Spears? If the public ignores them and stops paying for the paparazzi's pictures, maybe they'll stop taking them. Maybe Britney can then stop trying to appear in the magazines. And her new boyfriend is so slimy and shady. I don't feel bad for her anymore . . . the whole situation disgusts me.

- Why is Perez Hilton still so popular? Plenty of other blogs are updated more frequently. A lot of other blogs are more reliable. A lot of other blogs get more exclusives. He is biased, vulgar and boring.

* * * *

That's all for now. Have a good day, y'all. I'm going to write a little and maybe work out before work. I'm feeling a little weird and out of it. Probably because I'm PMSing. I feel a little down. Bleh. It'll be over soon.

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