Saturday, January 26, 2008


Is everyone really just depressed most of the time?

I keep running into people that are depressed and I want to help them so much, but I feel as though some people find it annoying and are offended by it. Some people don't perceive my happiness and positivity as a good thing or even a genuine thing.

I am a positive person, but I have dark moods sometimes, too. I get down. I think it's all about the way in which you handle your issues.

I cannot be around perpetually negative, depressed, and sad people. It brings me down and it doesn't do me (or anyone else) any good. Maybe I'm inconsiderate and not very compassionate, but I can't deal with it. I want them to be happy, but I can't handle being around the sadness all the time. Especially when they don't try to help themselves. Some people are just more comfortable being unhappy, I suppose. Again, I believe we should be allowed to be upset, but when you don't try to make things better, that's when I have a problem.

Let me just keep singing along in my happy, positive little world.

Edit: Tonight I said something really alarming to my friends . . .it shocked me how cruel it sounded. But I said, if you're not living your life and doing what makes you happy, you're basically a waste of space. Isn't that horribly insensitive and stupid of me to say?

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